We are a bit different. Yolk Marketing are smaller than your average Marketing Agency, whilst offering a broader range of services and experience than most freelancers.

Unlike a traditional Marketing Agency, your main point of contact at Yolk Marketing is not an Account Manager or BDM.

We stand apart from other marketing agencies and marketing companies, through our simplified business structure. We are smaller than the big national marketing firms and we don’t have costly overheads like Account Managers or BDMs. It is because of this structure, that we can provide our clients a more personalised and tailored service.

When you work with us you, you work one-on-one with an experienced and professional marketing consultant. Which means you receive dedicated mentoring, strategic insights and tailored marketing advice suited to your needs and your business.

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Our clients benefit from a nurturing professional relationship, where we share marketing insights and take on more of mentoring role.

Yolk Marketing was started by Claudia Feher, an experienced Marketer and Graphic Designer. The business was created to address the difficulty SMBs and Startups have in finding effective and affordable marketing help.

We saw the difficulties SMB’s face in their search for a reliable marketing partner.

Claudia had found it increasingly difficult to navigate through available marketing service providers in her corporate roles. Even as a professional in the  industry and being familiar with marketing standards and practices, it was still overwhelming. Filtering through the available marketing help proved to be stressful and difficult. It almost felt impossible to find a reliable and trustworthy freelancer or marketing agency.

So, Yolk Marketing was created to fill that gap.

We deliver high quality and strategic marketing outcomes to small businesses, medium size companies and startups.

Our vision is to provide holistic marketing services, whilst imparting valuable knowledge to help businesses manage their own marketing strategy in the long term.

Claudia Feher Yolk Marketing

More About The Founder

Claudia Feher
Founder, Marketing Consultant & Graphic Designer

Claudia is an experienced Marketer and Graphic Designer based in Sydney, Australia. Claudia has worked for a number of well known corporates in various marketing roles since 2008. Her marketing experience covers a wide variety of industries and sectors including, but not limited to gambling, finance, property and education.

In 2017, Claudia transitioned out of corporate and into running Yolk Marketing. The business was started to deliver practical and affordable marketing services locally in Sydney. Our aim is to provide effective marketing solutions to nourish and feed your business growth.

Our Mission

Yolk Marketing’s mission is to deliver high quality marketing solutions with integrity, and a genuine desire to see businesses grow and succeed.

Our Vision

Yolk Marketing is the dedicated marketing provider for small to medium size businesses in Australia. We pride ourselves in our genuine and conscientious approach to marketing.

Yolk Marketing’s founding pillars are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Efficiency
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Transparency

We want our clients to succeed in their business and walk away empowered with valuable new marketing knowledge and confidence to keep succeeding.

Your success is our success.

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