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Presentations call for clear and effective communication. Let us help you with our professional PowerPoint presentation design service in Sydney.

A good presentation starts with a great presenter or speaker. Someone who can hold the audience’s attention through charisma and well developed storytelling abilities. Another key element of telling a story or selling an idea is the visual aspect. The way you look, the way your presentation looks  – these all have an impact on how receptive your audience is to what you are trying to say or convey.

Your presentation slides could have more influence over your audience just by being more visually appealing, interesting and eye catching.

It can take hours to format slides, find suitable imagery and icons. Why not focus on your presentation delivery instead.

Reclaim those late nights in the office, frantically finessing your presentation and instead engage a professional presentation designer in Sydney.

Leave the PowerPoint presentation design, formatting, imagery, icons, infographics, videos, slide transitions and slide animations to us.

A qualified graphic designer will work their creative magic on your slides. They can source the most suitable imagery and icons, that will really speak to your key points and highlight crucial information.

We can create custom branded infographics, as well as mock-up or superimpose design elements onto photos as required. Our professional presentation designer is highly experienced and proficient in using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Our PowerPoint presentation designer service in Sydney, is delivered with great care, attention to detail and confidentiality.

The recipe for a successful presentation comes from a combination of auditory and visual elements.

We can help you create clear visual hierarchy and tone in your presentation. Whether you are trying to inspire, sell, influence or inform – great presentation design can guide your audience and focus their attention on your most important points.

We can help you visualise data and statistics, moving you away from complicated excel spreadsheet tables and graphs, thus avoiding death by PowerPoint.

Make your next PowerPoint or Prezi presentation more engaging through high impact design and animation. Put your slides to work, let them sell an idea, a pitch, a goal, results or any other message.

We specialise in Shareholder Presentations, Sales Pitch Presentations and Keynote Speaker Presentations.

When you rely on your presentation influencing shareholders, converting a lead to a client or even communicating big organisational change, it is worth the additional investment. Get help today – engage the help of a PowerPoint presentation designer in Sydney.

Example of Annual Results Summary Slide created by Yolk Marketing for client “Opteon”

Portfolio Presentation Design

How we work together on your presentation design.

We work with Senior Management, CEOs, Directors, Executive Assistants, Business Development Managers, Sales Managers and Keynote Speakers on all sorts of presentations and pitch documents. We collaborate with you and your to team to bring together a polished presentation for any major meeting or event.

Professional Presentation Design

Presentation Content Review and Editing

We can help you refine key points, ideas and final presentation content structure.

It is always good to get a second pair of eyes to look over your slides. This is not just to pick up any mistakes, but rather to sense check content or imagery which could be misunderstood or have negative connotations.

It can be difficult to identify the visual opportunities that can really highlight a point. Even the structure of your presentation, such as the order you place your key points in can impact how your audience digest your presentation. Our presentation designer can help you work out hierarchy of messages, and collate data and stats that have the most visualisation potential. This process ensures the flow of slides and order of your messaging will deliver the desired impact of your presentation.

Presentation Design and Formatting

Professional presentation design can turn words, stories, data and stats into high impact visual slides.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is very true when it comes to presentations. Whilst you are centre stage and speaking to your audience they will be looking up at your slides on screen. Clear, uncluttered and well designed slides will keep your audience engaged.

Visualising key data and statistics as icons and infographics can have more impact, rather than large complicated raw Excel spreadsheet data. Let us make your presentation look amazing!

We can create Photoshop mock-ups or superimpose images onto other images, as well as design custom branded infographics to bring your content and data to life.

Professional Presentation Design
PowerPoint Professional Presentation Design

We can work with your organisation’s PowerPoint templates

If you have a corporate template you have to use for all your PowerPoint presentations, we can work with your template.

Our presentation designer can work with your custom PowerPoint template and Brand Guidelines. We will ensure all slides are designed and styled according to your corporate colours, logo and any other design restrictions associated with your branding.

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