Corporate Business Infographic Design for Social Media and Presentations (Series of 5)

A set of 5 infographics were designed to accompany a series of viral blog posts being shared across various social media channels. Infographics were so successfully received that the designs were also used in future presentation slides and in printed flyers.

Corporate Business (Professional Services)

The original brief was to create an interesting visual to accompany a series of blog posts discussing process and technical information about property topics.

Infographics were identified as the best way to present complicated information. The infographics were to be published on the company website blog and shared across several social media channels.

The designs were required to be interesting, eye catching, easy to understand and most of all, shareable on social media.

Since the infographic designs were created, they have also been used as part of presentations and have been printed as part of flyers and advertising materials.

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